Timeless Design,
Made by Hand in Canada

About You:

You want your appearance to reflect your unique self: the individual you have been training to become for your entire life.

Explore our collections to find a one of a kind, handmade accessory that enhances your personal style.

About Us:

Plumage Studio is a Canadian accessories brand dedicated to creating high quality accessories and celebrating timeless design.

We create handbags, hats and home wares that are beautiful, durable and functional. Harris Tweed, waxed canvas and William Morris Prints are our favourite companion fabrics to our leather goods. Our design influences include historical imagery, nature and folklore.

Our process has an emphasis on sustainability and low waste. High quality materials and techniques, combined with enduring design means we avoid fast fashion completely. Our aim is to provide a style that you can enjoy forever because of our quality and timeless aesthetic.

Definition: plumage, noun

1. The covering of feathers on a bird.
2. Feathers used ornamentally.

3. Elaborate dress; finery.